Feedback, Applause

  • «You somehow forget that you’re at school.»

    Student feedback

    «Exploring the short story through drama meant the following:

    • We were active active.

    • We did something rather than just sit and talk for a double lesson.

    • We acted out the characters.

    • I read the story more than twice (as I would usually have done) and thereby gained more insight into the story.

    • Doing the same activity several times was repetitive and it made me understand the characters better.

    • It was fun to do something in the group.

    • I would like to work in larger groups.

    • The story did not have enough action for me.»

    Student feedback project day plus follow-up work drama in education.

    «After the drama lessons today, I feel relaxed and enthusiastic about the upcoming lessons. My students and I can discover qualities about each other that are locked up during most of our time in class.»

    from a drama teacher’s diary

    «I would like to enable my students to gain emotional and creative access to literary works – in addidion to or as alternative of the intellectual discussions we normally lead in class.»

    participant at drama course for teachers

    «Thank you very much for sending me the warm-up activities, which were a lot of fun. I really liked your course and I took away valid input and many good ideas. I’d love to come again if you decided to offer another course!»

    participant at drama course for teachers